Walls and Roof

Fiberglass exterior shell fiberglass interior shell

foamed-in-place urethane core 2-3/4" wall  thickness

3-3/4" roof thickness gel coat molded-in color finish

both interior and exterior.

Standard Floor

Sandwich panel floor 3" overall thickness finish floor

fiberglass coated 3/4" wood upper face 1-1/2" rigid

plastic foam insulating core and wood blocking fiberglass coated 3/4" wood lower face 5" steel channel beam/skid

assembly with bolt-on lifting plates for handling.

Standard Door

Door construction same as dome 2-1/4" overall

thickness 3 hinges door pulls inside and outside

padlocking wedge levers with inside release handles

continuous rubber seal.

Standard Attachment Blocking

Dense blocking fiberglassed to backside of inside fiber-

glass shell at mold-in recesses continuous up walls

and across ceiling for the attachment of heavy accessory


Dimensions and Weight

         Exterior width:             6'-0"

         Exterior length:            8'-0"

         Exterior height:            8'-6-1/2"

         Floor to ceiling:            7'-7"

         Std. Door opening:       2'-5" x 6'-2"

         Approx. weight:            1600 lbs.

Design Loadings

         Floor:                     200 psf

         Walls:                    150 mph wind

         Roof:                     70 psf

Heat Transmission

         U-Factor:          0.07 BTU/hr. sf. F

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Model B-68 Data Sheet